AB Testing for Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to generate business for your company. Email allows you to reach a large number of potential customers at once, including both new and old customers alike. Generating a large mailing list is important for the continued success of your business, but once you have a customer list, how do you improve the effectiveness of your email marketing?

AB testing is one way to improve the click-through rate of your marketing emails and generate more positive responses. Through AB testing, you can refine your email design based on statistical analysis. At Bizcor, we have used AB testing to single out more effective email designs and boost click-through rates for our clients.

How AB Testing Works

AB testing works by making a small change to a single variable—in this case a design choice in one of our marketing emails—and then observing the results across a large sample size. For example, we can send out an email with differences in the subject line, but no changes to the content. Some recipients will see a long subject line, some see a short subject line, and some see a long subject line that includes an emoji. Based on the total percentage of recipients who open and click-through the email to reach the client’s website for each style of subject line, we can determine which method is the most effective.

Recent Results of AB Testing

In the subject line length AB test discussed above, we found that although slightly less emails with a long subject line containing an emoji were opened, with 1.2% more opened with just a long subject, and 3% more with a short subject, interestingly, .3% more emails with a long subject line and emoji received click-throughs over short subject emails. Some of our other AB test results can be seen below:





Email Marketing with Bizcor

If you have any questions regarding AB testing, our findings, or email marketing in general, or if you have any ideas for future AB testing models, feel free to contact us at Bizcor. AB testing is just one method we use to help our clients improve their marketing strategies. We are proud to deliver creative marketing solutions to many clients around the country.

How E-mail Marketing Can Help Lock Down Residual Guests

Using Email Marketing To Increase Bookings 

In the digital age, email has fast become one of the most important forms of communication. Used for everything from quick chats between friends and family to professional business interactions, email helps keep individuals across the globe connected. Email also helps businesses reach potential customers; in fact, email marketing is one of the best ways for vacation rental companies to drive up their booking rates—by convincing guests on the fence to vacation in your properties! How, then, do we properly utilize email marketing?

Offering Specials

Emailing specials to potential guests is a great way to convince them to book a stay in one of your properties. A great deal often gives someone the final motivation they need to commit to a purchase; after all, if they don’t act now, the price will be higher if they decide to book at a later date.

Highlight Units

Another great use of email marketing is to highlight specific properties in your portfolio—whether they are new additions, past guests’ favorites, or great homes that just deserve to be in the spotlight. Email marketing provides a convenient way to show guests the luxurious type of property they can enjoy if they book a stay with your company. Many people will be reassured by seeing a property before their stay, so make sure to include as many details and pictures as possible!

Remind Guests Why Vacations Are Fun in the First Place

Vacation properties are only possible because the activities and attractions in the surrounding area draw visitors. Remind guests why your area is a prime vacation destination! Hiking, biking, beach fun, skiing—whatever your location has to offer, show guests that your homes are close to the action.

Email marketing can do all of these things and more! Making use of email to reach out to old guests is one of the easiest ways of gaining a repeat customer, and acquiring new potential business is as easy as someone entering their email address. Start building your guest email list today!

Get More Reviews

Get More Reviews For Your Property Management Company

Everybody knows reviews are the key to success in this sharing economy and we all want them. In this guide we will show you strategies to obtain reviews for online directories like Yelp, or Google Business and even for your properties.


There are several companies that focus their business on helping companies build and manage their reviews. Companies such as ReviewInc and Grade.US are great examples of companies who specialize in review management.

ReviewInc has four different tiers of membership that you can choose from: Monitoring, Premium, Enterprise, and Agency. Monitoring is your basic level of membership for only $39, but you are limited to 6 features. If you are going to go purchase a membership from ReviewInc we recommend going with at least the Premium membership, so you can have access to more of the customizable features that ReviewInc offers. If you are a larger business you should consider getting the Enterprise, or Agency level of membership, which will allow you to integrate as many sites as you want and include many more features to help you manage your reviews.

Grade.US is another fantastic review management company that offers a variety of different features to help you get the most out of your reviews. Grade.US can help your company with: reviews acquisition, review request campaigns, review monitoring/aggregation, review marketing and review reporting. If you aren’t already paying attention to these things you should highly consider working with Grade.US, or another company that can help you re-focus and get the most out of your reviews.

There are also many Vacation Rental Software companies who are developing reputation solutions to configure email triggers to auto send mid-stay and post checkout – something that looks similar to this:

Tropical Escapes IMG

Basic Strategies

One of the easiest ways to acquire new reviews is to utilize the guests who are staying at your properties. If someone is having a great stay at your property you want to capitalize on his or her happiness and prompt them to leave a review right then and there, instead of waiting until they get home and sending them an email. The way you can do this is by leaving review cards on every property’s nightstand. The most efficient way to do this is by making it a daily routine for your cleaning staff to leave these review cards on every nightstand. In order to increase the chances of your guests seeing the review cards you should also leave them on the dining room tables and bars in every unit. This way you have review cards in 3 different places in every unit, which triples your chances of your guests leaving reviews. An example of what one of these cards might look like is:

710BR Img

What If A Guest Has A Bad Stay?

There is nothing worse than a bad review. If only there was a way to filter these out… Psst, there is, kind of. Say a guest staying in one of your units has a bad stay and finds your review card on the nightstands. The link on the review card will take your guests to a review pre-qualification page that looks like:
710BR Img 2

If an unhappy guest chooses thumbs down it will take them to another page where they can voice their frustrations – instead of allowing them to leave a bad review on your website it will send an email directly to you, so you can be the one to hear about it and diffuse the situation.

On the contrary, if they had a good stay it will direct them to a page where they can select a directory to drop a review. You can even add distribution channels like VRBO, and make the user select the unit they stayed in.
Share experience img

2nd step after selecting VRBO from the options above.
2nd Step img

By creating a flow you can start to build reviews for specific directories and even units to increase the number of good reviews about your management company.

It All Helps

Reviews are king, especially good reviews. They will help SEO, distribution channel reservations, referral reservations, and even increase inventory because owners will see good reviews and be more inclined to work with you.