admin 08/24/2019
Do you have broken maps that say “Development Purposes Only”? Then you’re in the right place!Depending on if this is the first time you are adding a map to your site, or if you had a working map in the past that is no longer working, there are two different directions you will need to take to fix them:

First application of maps on your site:

If you are adding a dynamic map to your site for the first time, you will need to follow the steps in this video:

Keep in mind that this Maps Javascript API can work with many dynamic map setups, this is not restricted to Streamline Clients.

If your site had working maps:

If the Google map on your site recently stopped working and is displaying a “Development Use Only” message, then that means you have reached your monthly map load limit. The good news here is that this means you are getting a lot traffic to your site! The unfortunate news is that because of the amount of traffic you’re receiving, Google is going to start charging for per map load for the remainder of this month.

All you will need to do to get your maps back up and running is set a budget inside of Google. Start with this link:

When you open the link, look for a white bar at the top of the page that mentions upgrading your account, then click on the blue button to begin the process of upgrading. If you do not see this white bar, skip to the next step.

After your account is upgraded, go to “Billing” > “Budgets & Alerts” to create a budget for your project. Usually if this is the first time you’re seeing this, a budget of $100 should be enough. Google will also set up alerts when you go through different percentages of your budget so you can keep a sharp eye on it.

Once all that is done, your maps should be up and running! If not, please go to /support/ to have us see what other issues might be causing the disconnect.