Bizcor has been an instrumental partner in our overall marketing campaigns over the years including our PPC advertising. The team is responsive to our needs and will customize a plan to help maximize our ROI. Our PPC campaigns have really taken us to a new level in both guest reservations and homeowner acquisition, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking at wanting a major competitive edge over the competition.

David Repka

We absolutely would recommend BIZCOR®. It takes some patience, but once you get to that top page your phones will explode. We just recently had to hire a full time business development gal just to handle all of the new homes coming on board, and now were hiring a second because VR recently became legal in our state/the placement on the first page keeps the phones a ringin’! I highly highly highly recommend BIZCOR®, they will not disappoint!

Michael Pedenko

Email marketing is one of those things I tried on my own numerous times over the years. I came to the conclusion it is something I don't have time to do consistently but I know it's important. That's why I partnered with the Bizcor team for email marketing 4 years ago. To say I’ve gotten my money’s worth would be an understatement; just last year their email marketing efforts helped drive $1.5 million in revenue for our business! With that kind of ROI, Bizcor’s email marketing is a no-brainer.

Larry Oldfield

With Bizcor’s help, our marketing emails influenced over 500 bookings in the first 6 months! We couldn’t be happier with their services.

Beth Eastlack

We have enjoyed our collaboration with Bizcor over the years. Last year-- we brainstormed together and embarked on a new vacation rental homeowner acquisition strategy in which Bizcor helped us realize our vision.

Joanne Logie

I love how they understand our business and we always appreciate how they can take our wishes and turn them into a great SEO/digital marketing plan. We have definitely seen a nice increase in our potential homeowner leads! Thank you Bizcor!

Carlos Vieira

We love the Bizcor team and working with Mike Cooperberg, that provides excellent PPC service for our company. The team is very diligent, accountable, and their communication is always top-notch. They are on our weekly strategy meetings and provide knowledge to keep Big Bear Vacations in top search and provide a solid ROI. They do an excellent job of closely monitoring our campaigns to ensure we stay on track and improve each campaign's performance to its fullest potential. Thanks, guys! We appreciate you.

Kim Hermon

We've worked with Bizcor for several years now, and we can confidently say that we would recommend working with their team on all digital marketing strategies. They are very knowledgable and always answer any questions we may have. They also recommend any changes that should be made to our strategies, and they implement these changes efficiently.

Theo Kracke

We recently rebranded our entire company, got a new website and new software.  ALL three of which were huge projects.  The missing piece was our SEO results!  They were far from impressive.  I really thought we could do on our own but after months of putting it off, we finally pulled the trigger with Tyler and his team at BIZCOR.  It's been 7 months and the results are outstanding.  Not to mention the customer service and responsiveness to everything we have asked.  Tyler is the man!  He and his team have literally knocked it out of the park for us. We plan to continue to leave our SEO to the experts at BIZCOR forever.   

Billi Gartman

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how pleased with are with your service and Bizcor in general. We have been needing SEO support for a long time and the only disappointing thing is that we took so long to retain your services! I have no doubt we would be much further ahead if we did. We are delighted to see our rankings going up and finally reservations coming through our website. This is down to the excellent work you have been doing for us. I also wanted to mention how happy we are since we switched our sites to your servers. The speed increase is fantastic, and this has added professionalism to what we offer to our affluent clients and agents. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work! "

Sean Emmerton

Arches Vacation Rentals has been using Bizcor since 2019. In those three years, our company has grown to be in the top three largest management companies in Moab Utah. Using Bizcor has been a tremendous help in getting us to where we are today, and we look forward to continuing our work with them as our business continues to grow. Communication with Bizcor is always reliable and efficient; their plan for our website has pushed us to the front page of Google. Being near or on top of search results is essential to growing a business, and Bizcor has made that possible for us. You definitely get what you pay for, it does not disappoint!

Daniel Bertoch

As we were onboarding new software we realized issues with our website would make integrations difficult and potentially affect our growth; we were put in touch with the BizCor team and never looked back.  They have been a great partner from day one!  They listened to our ideas, added professional advice  and worked with us to build our sleek new website. Not only did their work give us a new competitive edge but their team continues to support us to maintain that edge and secure our growth.  I will never look elsewhere.   

Pam Stoffel

We decided to partner with Bizcor to upgrade our website this year and went live with it February 1st. Sara was our Project Manager and she was simply amazing. BizCor provided a Google doc which allowed us to pick the setup of the WordPress theme. Even though the site wasn’t completely customized, we felt we were given enough choices to make it unique and really love the results. Our new website is sexy, mobile friendly and makes us stand out compared to the competition. I would recommend Bizcor for a new website or a re-design.

Jackie Norde

The team at BizCor is nothing short of absolutely amazing. From the initial consultation with Mario thoroughly explaining their services and setting up goals to furthering my web presence after I launch my new website. He really made me feel secure and I even discussed his competition and what sets them apart (a lot), I didn’t feel like a sale. Then I got to development where Justin and his team really helped me get the look I wanted. We worked and tweaked everything until it was absolutely perfect. He was extremely quick to respond and still is, if I have any questions. They went above and beyond to make sure I was extremely happy and still do! Mike and his team handle SEO and that will be my next venture with them. We’ve had the initial consultation and I’m excited to work with them and get me to my goals! I’m extremely thankful for all the energy and work they put in with me. I had a hard time making some decisions and they were patient, listened and I got exactly what I wanted!

Monica Gauthier

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