Catherine Gable 02/24/2022

In our last blog, we discussed the elements that contribute to a potential guest’s perception of what kind of experience they will have with you. That was about first impressions and securing that first booking. But what about after they’ve stayed with you? How does your brand image impact repeat bookings?

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Your Brand Image Is What Guests Will Remember You By

Brand image is about more than a great logo and website; it encompasses your quality of customer service, speed of inquiry response, and general professionalism as well. Guests will remember and recommend your brand from the experience that they had with you. Building and maintaining your brand image requires consistency of quality, speed, and reliability in order to create a positive experience that creates trust and leaves a lasting impression.

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Consider consumer favorite brands like Apple or Starbucks; what is it that keeps people continually choosing them over their competition? It is the trusting relationship that they have nurtured with their customers through not only consistency in quality, but also consistency in experience. You know exactly what what to expect whether you walk into a Starbucks or Apple store in California, Illinois, or Florida, and that consistency also extends to their websites, apps, and online or in-person customer service. Likewise, your guests should know exactly what to expect no matter which property of yours they choose for their next vacation, as well as each time they interact with your company via email, phone, or your website. This is what will keep them coming back to you over your competition season after season.

When a client or guest is trusting of a company, it can put you at a competitive advantage, allowing you to practice product extension strategies such as concierge services or gear rental partnerships. Continued trust and recognition will ultimately lead to repeat bookings, new guest and homeowner referrals, and increased revenue that will continue the growth of your company.

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As business owners, brand image can be easily forgotten as owner acquisition and property management take the main focus. However, your bookings and revenue can be highly influenced by your brand image, making it a very important element of your company.

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At Bizcor, we want to ensure that our clients not only achieve success with a beautiful website but provide the resources to create a positive and lasting brand image that continually brings guests back for more and more memories. If you have any questions on how to revamp or start your brand image journey, please do not hesitate to reach out to your project manager or our support team for details on our branding packages!