When it comes to creating the design of your website there are many factors to consider. It can be hard to pick out the truly useful tips and advice when doing your own research. We’ve narrowed down some key factors and focus areas for your next web design:

Creative And Clutter-Free

Too much information or a complicated design can and will overwhelm the viewer. There should be a balance between creativity and professionalism.

Mobile Friendly

Making sure your site will be easily viewable on mobile devices is a major key to success. According to Google statistics presented in a VRM Intel article, 94% of smartphone users search for local information on their phone directly.

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Be Authentic and Easily identified

More exposure for your business should be the goal and purpose of your site, especially in the vacation rental industry. Your design should provide regional expertise based on the location you are marketing. Make sure people can identify your business with your design.

Quick Load Time

A graphically complicated design can bog down your loading time and frustrate prospective viewers. Make sure your site has the proper server infrastructure and bandwidth to support your design with ideal site loading speed.

User-Friendly Navigation

The idea behind a simple yet user-friendly design is to allow your current and potential guests to browse your brand and site with ease. Make sure your navigation menu has no more than 7 items and be descriptive with your labels. The key is to have your viewers use the site and stay there longer than 5 seconds.

Throughout the world of web design, there is an endless number of directions, paths, and routes you can take based on your ultimate business plan and goals. After studying and implementing these tips, the interactions between your site and potential clients will increase.

When developing a website or trying to enhance an existing one, there are steps to take and important fundamentals to practice. Similar to a sports mindsight, you need to outwork and outplay your competitors. Follow this game plan below to increase and maximize the performance of your site.

Have a Game Plan

You obviously want to design your website; however, you need to go into it with a clear direction. The first time a viewer sees your site can be the deciding factor if they become a customer or not. Designing your site should be a growing process. Build your site based on the next steps, not the final steps. Stick to the plan.

Speedy Site Offense

You want your site to be as fast as possible. Users won’t stick around or spend much time on your site if it takes them forever to get the information they are looking for. Not only will a faster site interest viewers and potential clients, but search engines also factor your loading speed into their rankings. As your speeds increase, so will the success of your website.

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Stay in the Zone Defense

If you get too complicated with your web design, it could hurt the value of your site and your chances of attracting new clients or customers. Complicated graphics and animations should be avoided. When it comes to audience attention spans, it is important to remove things that could be distracting or take the viewers away from the message you are trying to convey.

Picture Perfect Passing

Make sure the images you select are images that enhance the authenticity of your site and company. Only use high-quality stock photography and hire a professional real estate photographer for your listings. Low-quality images will reflect poorly on your listings and your brand.

Full Court Optimizations

In today’s digital world, the majority of people have smartphones. According to Google, around 61% of mobile users are unlikely to return to your site if they had trouble accessing it and navigating through it. Your competitors could acquire the attention of the viewers that recently bounced from your site.

Practice Makes Perfect

Never stop testing your site. Evaluating the strengths and weakness of your website is always encouraged. You can continue to implement the things that are working well and eliminate the things that are hurting or weakening your site’s performance. Practice makes perfect.

After properly studying these fundamentals of a strong and effective website, you will learn how to focus in on what needs to get done to maximize the power and presence of your website and business.

One of the best ways to build confidence within your business from the outside world looking in is through Google Reviews. To break it down in simplest terms, Google Reviews is the digital version of word of mouth for your business. Simply put, reviews are one of the avenues to attracting new clients and customers.

Check out these 10 steps to success:

 Requesting Reviews

With any client-facing position, the easiest and most direct way to get a review is simply asking one of your clients to write one!

Explain the Instructions

Your clients can’t write a review if they don’t know how. Show them the way!

Make It Personal

Adding personality to a message enhances chemistry, increasing the chance of them leaving a review.

Keep It Simple

Clients will hesitate to leave a review if the process seems confusing. Make it as user-friendly as possible.

Third Party Help

If you have multiple locations, 3rd party programs can help you keep extra eyes on your reviews at all times.

Friendly Reminders

Regardless of the way you communicate with your clients, always nicely ask for reviews through any mode of communication and channel you use.

Give a Reason to Review

Every now and then it’s okay to offer an incentive for a client to leave a review. Offering a discount or holding a potential contest can help produce new reviews.

Be Responsive

Responding to clients’ reviews directly will show other viewers and other potential clients the effort and care you put into your client relationships.

Email Signature Link

Having a link from your email signature can direct current and potential clients to your review portal.

Change It Up

Leaving a review can be time-consuming and can be seen as a chore if the review process is too basic. Make it fun and interactive so people want to leave a review off entertainment alone.

After these steps are studied and implemented, you will see a close correlation between reviews and revenue!

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Email marketing is engaging with your current and potential clients through email. Here are 13 facts about how Email Marketing is so effective, it is freighting:

The ROI Is So Huge It’s Scary

The return on your investment will be faster than expected!

Acquisition Costs Go Down

Email marketing makes the amount of money you pay for a client acquisition shrinks in size!

Enhanced Attention

Your Guests eyes will be constantly glued to their inbox because of the emails you send!

Trick AND Treat

People will take advantage of your special promotions!

Potential Business

Email marketing allows potential guests to see your properties!

Best Location

Viewers will know about your great location!

Standing Out

Others will learn about your high level of service!

Impressing the Rest

Additional services and amenities you offer will be discovered.

Increased Engagement

Your guests will stay loyal to you rather than visiting your competitors!

Ultimate Trust

By engaging with your clients every month your relationship with your guests will be at its best!

Email Lists Produce Results

Email lists that you’ve been building will be productive when resent for another list of viewers or potential clients!

Hot Leads

Inquires from potential guests could flood your inbox resulting in increased reservations!

Throughout all ways Email Marketing is effective and productive, after studying and understanding these 13 freighting facts, you will see your guests come back year after year!

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