Doubtlessly, SEO is one of the most powerful tools a vacation rental manager can apply when it comes to attracting new guests and property managers. But, if you’re looking for a way to reach the top without all the waiting involved with a proper on-site campaign – and you don’t mind making an investment to do so – Bizcor’s paid search management services may just be the answer you are looking for!

Fast Success You Can Measure

While organic SEO can take months to see dividends, Paid Search – also known as PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing – can take you to the top of the search engine rankings in a matter of days! Utilizing Google AdWords and the tools it provides, our paid search management team can get your site primary ad placement in the top of Google’s SERPs.

Even better, in the hands of an experienced marketing team, a Paid Search campaign can result in some of the most targeted clicks possible – allowing for maximum conversions and ROI. All it takes to reap the benefits of Paid Search is a well-organized campaign and a quality and experienced paid search manager; fortunately, Bizcor offers all this and more.

The Benefits

  • Immediate Returns: Don’t wait months for your returns to start to materialize; let Bizcor’s paid search management team start bringing in new reservations today!
  • Targeted Sessions: Our experienced managers can reduce empty clicks and improve the quality of the search traffic visiting your site through ads. This reduces campaign costs AND massively increases the amount of converting clicks you receive! In other words, you pay less money to get more reservations!
  • Detailed Reports: Our monthly detailed reports tell you precisely where your money is going and how many conversions your campaign has generated, giving you maximum clarity throughout the entirety of your contract with us! We want you to succeed, and that means showing your campaign’s successes and failures – no matter what!

What’s The Catch?

Of course, even with all this, there is a catch to utilizing PPC marketing. Unlike SEO, the startup and maintenance cost can be quite expensive. In fact, because your constantly bidding on clicks to your site, PPC can easily be one of the largest marketing expenditures you make!

But, because of the targeted nature of the clicks you receive and Bizcor’s demonstrated excellence with vacation rental Pay Per Click campaigns, the increased reservations and new properties you attain will easily offset the cost; all you need to do is hand Bizcor the keys, and we’ll get you the success that you desire!

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