Justin Jacobs 04/8/2021

As we all know, a website is one of the most important assets to a short-term rental company; it lets you define your brand to guests as well as homeowners. At Bizcor, our web design and development team is always working to develop innovative new features that help drive website conversions. Check out our latest feature releases below and contact our team today to learn more!

Flexible Date Logic

Allows the guest to expand their search up to three days before or after their preferred dates, giving you the opportunity to show additional inventory to guests who may not have exact dates in mind.


Availability Calendar Page

Displays all property availability on one page, similar to the tape chart view in your Streamline system. If your destination caters to group bookings, this can be a real asset as it allows guests to see all units that are open at the same time.


Amenity Short Code Custom Sorting

Whereas before, short code pages would always follow the same unit rotation setting as the main search results page, we now have the ability to use custom unit sorting on individual landing pages. For example, perhaps you want a specific home with an amazing hot tub to appear first on your Homes with Hot Tubs landing page, but you want that home to appear third on your main search results page.


Property Compare Tool

This tool adds a compare box on each property to allow the visitor to select multiple properties to compare side by side. This has been improved since it was originally released to include the abilities to add more than three units, see the amenity group names, and omit groups.


Map Clustering Tool

Having a map on the search results page is a great tool, but if you have more than 50 properties, it can start to get cluttered with overlapping property pins. We now have the ability to group your pins when there are more than two in close proximity, which also works well if you have several properties in one resort.

Nearby or Similar Properties

On the property page, we have added the ability to show additional properties that are nearby or similar. The nearby feature is helpful for group bookings where guests want homes close together and the similar properties feature helps suggest inventory that is in the same area that offers the same number of bedrooms.

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Newsletter Sign Up

This is a simple pop-up designed to target visitors on the site to sign up to receive your deals and newsletter. If you are actively doing email marketing, this feature is a great addition to help grow your marketing list.

Minimum Night Stay Logic

Do you have a minimum night stay restriction on all or some of your units? Tired of those being excluded in the search results when the visitor doesn’t meet those minimums in their search criteria? With new logic we have created, we can now include those properties in the search. We sort them with a ribbon that tells the guest the property is available, but the minimum night stay was not met. Then we take it one step further and show the guest what dates are available and satisfy the criteria of the restriction, right there on the listing.

New Virtual Guest Book (Coming Soon)

Tired of reprinting guest books to keep things up to date? This virtual guest book allows you to connect Streamline and Happy Stays to a special landing page just for your guests with all of the information about the unit they are staying in. It can also include nearby restaurants and events!


Have an idea for a new feature?

Our team loves creating these new items and is always open to new ideas and innovations. If you have anything you would like us to consider adding to our development pipeline, please use the form to the right and leave us a message!