Your Project Manager will send a link to Content Snare. Content Snare is a tool that will help us collect the content for your site (company information, images, etc.)

development begins

Once we receive the information we start development using our Lite Theme. This is a great theme for companies wanting to keep things simple or just getting started in the industry.

site Review Call

After development is completed, you will have a 1-hour review call to toggle template options and launch process. Your Project Manager can also answer any questions you may have and explain post-launch support.

implement toggles

Template optional toggles will be implemented by our vacation rental website builders team and our team will prepare / schedule your website to launch in tandem with your Streamline system.

final approval

You will receive a launch signoff agreement to approve for launch. Any final questions can be covered with our team here.

pre-launch checklist

We run our 15 point prelaunch checklist, to ensure everything is looking good and working well.

site is launched!

This is the fun part, the new site is going live!

Post Launch Checklist

We run our 50 point checklist which ensures everything works.

post launch training

With the lite site we include X tutorial video or the option for a live training for your team on WordPress and the back end at a minor additional cost. Email X for details.

that's all there is to it!

Time to sit back and start booking.
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