admin 03/23/2017

Using Email Marketing To Increase Bookings 

In the digital age, email has fast become one of the most important forms of communication. Used for everything from quick chats between friends and family to professional business interactions, email helps keep individuals across the globe connected. Email also helps businesses reach potential customers; in fact, email marketing is one of the best ways for vacation rental companies to drive up their booking rates—by convincing guests on the fence to vacation in your properties! How, then, do we properly utilize email marketing?

Offering Specials

Emailing specials to potential guests is a great way to convince them to book a stay in one of your properties. A great deal often gives someone the final motivation they need to commit to a purchase; after all, if they don’t act now, the price will be higher if they decide to book at a later date.

Highlight Units

Another great use of email marketing is to highlight specific properties in your portfolio—whether they are new additions, past guests’ favorites, or great homes that just deserve to be in the spotlight. Email marketing provides a convenient way to show guests the luxurious type of property they can enjoy if they book a stay with your company. Many people will be reassured by seeing a property before their stay, so make sure to include as many details and pictures as possible!

Remind Guests Why Vacations Are Fun in the First Place

Vacation properties are only possible because the activities and attractions in the surrounding area draw visitors. Remind guests why your area is a prime vacation destination! Hiking, biking, beach fun, skiing—whatever your location has to offer, show guests that your homes are close to the action.

Email marketing can do all of these things and more! Making use of email to reach out to old guests is one of the easiest ways of gaining a repeat customer, and acquiring new potential business is as easy as someone entering their email address. Start building your guest email list today!