Ken Wilson 11/11/2020

Do you work with wholesale partners to help keep your inventory booked? Teaming up with a wholesaler can help you fill in open dates and earn extra revenue, without adding much work on your end! Bizcor has been working closely with Streamline to release innovative digital marketing solutions that make wholesaling a breeze. Keep reading below to learn more!

Wholesale Conversion Via Unique Sites

For this offering, we leverage our state-of-the-art Conversion Theme website, but with one little twist, we can pull rates from any rate table in Streamline. Whereas previously our sites could only show the Standard Rate set, we now can pick from any rate table you create in your Streamline system. For example, if you have three major travel partners that book your properties, you can now build three copies of your site (blocked from Google, of course) and give each wholesale partner a site that pulls their unique wholesale rates. You could also build each one a fully custom site that works this way too, depending on the wholesale partner’s needs.

Learn More About Bizcor’s Wholesale Websites

Wholesale Conversion Via Password Protected Rate Tables

This offering does everything that a unique wholesale site can do; however, you can have one website that can pull several different rate tables. We do this is by adding a button to login so they can view rates. The login is just a simple pop-up that appears and asks for the email and the password provided to them by you. We ask for the email so you can collect emails for future marketing, and the password is what we connect to the rate table in streamline. To help you visualize it:

  • Password 1 – Rate Table 1 in Streamline
  • Password 2 – Rate Table 2 in Streamline
  • Password 3 – Rate Table 3 in Streamline

Once your wholesale partner enters their unique password, the site will automatically adjust property prices using the rate you have created for their use.

Other Creative Ways to Use This Logic

The ability to selectively price your properties based on the origin of a booking has a multitude of uses. Have you ever wanted a site to share with your staff and their family that give them a discount? By creating a site copy with adjusted rates just for this purpose, you can offer not only a simple discount, but a space where you can control the entire rate setup in Streamline so each property could have a different rate for them based on the owner. Plus, it is a unique rate table, and you control the taxes and fees, so you could also omit or reduce the costs there. Maybe you would like to include the cleaning for free? It’s easily done with this logic.

Since you can control the entire rate set with taxes and fees included, it opens up the possibility to build an all-inclusive site. The idea here would be a site with higher rates than your normal site, but you could include premium items that are normally additional fees into the rate through the entire booking flow. Simply make the fee non-optional on the new rate table and this site could be your all-inclusive booking site.

The possibilities here are endless, and we are excited to see what new ideas this creative logic inspires. Whether you’re looking to make your partnership with wholesalers easier, create a way for friends and family to easily book your homes at a reduced rate, or create an all-new use for this logic, we’re happy to help!