Keep It brief and effective
Don’t make your users work harder than they need to. Combine similar questions.

Use Visual Aids
Add icons to direct attention and assist in avoiding confusion.

Offer Assistance
Color coordination and hidden info boxes can assist the efficiency of the form.

Focus on your Goal
Like fitness, everyone has goals. Check to see if your forms are converting.

Give Affirmation
Include a confirmation message so the user knows their work is complete.


Make it Difficult
Users will not be satisfied if the form is not easy to fill out.

Be Lacking in Direction
Giving people too open of a forum can lead to misunderstanding the questions being asked.

Ask Unnecessary Questions
Avoid extra information that doesn’t seem pertinent to the desired outcome.

Use Incorrect Formatting
Having a reset button too close to the submit button can annoy and discourage users.

Have No Purpose
Users won’t fill out the form if they don’tknow what they will get out of it.