Put your trust in BIZCOR®’s training and experience to handle all aspects of marketing for your business. Across all departments, our team members are certified to ensure that when we set out to fulfill client needs, we can deliver the highest quality service.

The Google AdWords certification demonstrates expertise in online advertising with the use of Google’s AdWords tool. Individuals with this certification are fluent in the basic and advanced advertising techniques of AdWords and have passed Google’s professional exams.
The Google Analytics Individual Qualification is awarded to persons who pass the Google Analytics IQ exam as proof that they have mastered advanced analysis techniques available through Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows for highly customized analysis with powerful potential uses.
mobile web
The Mobile Web Specialist Certification shows proficiency in front-end web development for mobile sites. Individuals with this certification are versed in website layout and styling, front end networking, accessibility, web apps, performance optimization and caching, mobile web forms, testing and debugging, and ES2015 syntax.

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