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Email marketing is an effective way to generate business for your company. Email allows you to reach a large number of potential customers at once, including both new and old customers alike. Generating a large mailing list is important for the continued success of your business, but once you have a customer list, how do you improve the effectiveness of your email marketing?

AB testing is one way to improve the click-through rate of your marketing emails and generate more positive responses. Through AB testing, you can refine your email design based on statistical analysis. At BIZCOR®, we have used AB testing to single out more effective email designs and boost click-through rates for our clients.

How AB Testing Works

AB testing works by making a small change to a single variable—in this case a design choice in one of our marketing emails—and then observing the results across a large sample size. For example, we can send out an email with differences in the subject line, but no changes to the content. Some recipients will see a long subject line, some see a short subject line, and some see a long subject line that includes an emoji. Based on the total percentage of recipients who open and click-through the email to reach the client’s website for each style of subject line, we can determine which method is the most effective.

Recent Results of AB Testing

In the subject line length AB test discussed above, we found that although slightly less emails with a long subject line containing an emoji were opened, with 1.2% more opened with just a long subject, and 3% more with a short subject, interestingly, .3% more emails with a long subject line and emoji received click-throughs over short subject emails. Some of our other AB test results can be seen below:





Email Marketing with BIZCOR®

If you have any questions regarding AB testing, our findings, or email marketing in general, or if you have any ideas for future AB testing models, feel free to contact us at BIZCOR®. AB testing is just one method we use to help our clients improve their marketing strategies. We are proud to deliver creative marketing solutions to many clients around the country.