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BIZCOR® presented in the 2017 Streamline Summit. The team explained how we acquire leverage for homeowners throughout the use of online marketing.

Landing Page

The foundation of your conversion elements is going to start with your landing page, also known as the home page. Some of the questions that are often asked when trying to optimize your page are: Is your content too heavy? Is your content easily broken down to relate to your audience? Is it visually appealing? Most importantly, does it contain trust factors? An example of a poor landing page would be one with just a basic block or wall of content—no appealing images or any attraction to catch the readers eye. It is important to not only have audience land on your page, but stay there as well.

A strong landing page has key components that enhance the look of your site as well as the consumer or audience experience. An introduction banner gains the audience’s attention and explains the concept of the page. A call to action form is something on the site that creates an opportunity for the clients or audience to interact with the site; an example of that would be a live chat function. Trust logos are ways to show your credentials and qualifications, such as achievements or well-known affiliates that support your business or product. A breakdown of the value points is a really good way to explain the homeowner transparency. Real revenue is a strong way to present the actual numbers and return on investment.

Make sure your page is filled with great, readable, engaging content; you want the audience to come to your page, but like previously mentioned, give them good reasons to stay on the page often and frequently. Finally, it is crucial to have pictures of your team on your page to give that real-life interaction feel to whoever is searching your site.

When it comes to the content to focus on the most, here is the order:
1. Lead Generation
2. Home Care
3. Owner Transparency/Reporting

For more examples, please visit:

Search Engine Optimization- Drive Traffic

1. Local SEO – Start with the basics: The Google My Business Page

• Set up visiting
• Configure it 100%
• Congruent with your business info on your website
• Correct categories – Vacation Home Rental Agency, Condo Rental Agency, Property Management Company

2. Local Schema Code Markup

• Setup by visiting
• Configure it 100%
• Copy/paste this code into your website

3. Citation Data Directories

• What is a citation?
• Easy configuration ($500-$1,000 annually)
• Manually verify directories
• Local citation (BBB/Chamber of Commerce)
• Brand mentions or backlinks

Organic SEO

• Install SEO Plugin like Yoast
• Menu structure
• Title tags/meta description
• Compelling content with keywords
• H-Tags
• Image Optimizations

Paid Search ( PPC/Adwords)- Driving Traffic

1. Paid Search – Starting with the Basics: Visit Google Adwords

• Setup by visiting
• Enter CC Data
• Walk through your campaign
• New users should use Adwords Express or target exact phrases
• A professional is highly recommended
• Types of keywords to target- (Destination) Property Management, Vacation Rental Management


The cycle of a website visitor is usually in a similar cycle, as in they visit your website, then they leave the website. However, the ads of your site on other websites brings returning viewers or new viewers back to your site.


When it comes to tracking your goals and managing your leads, there are plenty of tools and tricks in order to achieve that. Some of the suggestions we support are:

• Goal Tracking in analytics
• CRM – Customer Relationship Management
• Recommended tools – Salesforce and Infusionsoft

For more information on the 2017 summit or any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our site. Let’s chat!