The vacation rental industry has grown rapidly in recent years as homeowners around the country discover the many benefits of turning an investment property into a rental. Websites such as VRBO, FlipKey, and Airbnb help fledgling investors market their homes and condos, letting even inexperienced owners transform their unoccupied summer vacation home into year-round passive income. These websites are also a great channel for established property management companies to expand their prospective audience and drive additional bookings, but why surrender part of the earnings to Airbnb when you can bring said audience directly to you?

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A professional property management website, complete with a clean and sleek interface, easy to browse listings, and evocative and helpful content can help you draw in potential guests and keep them coming back again and again, and proper search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are how you will rise through the search rankings and get them to your site! In order to truly take advantage of the full benefits of SEO, however, you’ll need to create a variety of high-quality content to fill out your website’s pages; below, we’ll discuss the types of content you’ll want to include and why!

Target Key Rental Terms with Specific Rental Listing Pages

When searching for a vacation property, many travelers begin with a broad search keyed to their area of interest—something like ‘Los Angeles rentals’ or ‘vacation rentals in Orlando.’ To skyrocket through the search rankings for these terms, you’ll want to create individual pages targeting all the various search terms that apply to your rental listings. Start broad, with pages targeting high-level terms like the previously mentioned ‘rentals,’ ‘vacation rentals,’ ‘rentals in (area),’ ‘vacation rentals in area,’ and so on and so forth. Next, dig into specific property types such as homes, condos, townhomes, villas, cottages, etc. You may not see a big difference between these labels, but each is a separate term you can rank for on search engines! Finally, you can create pages dedicated to specific amenities offered throughout your rental portfolio. Do you have properties with a fireplace, fire pit, beachfront access, prime locations downtown, or any other desirable feature? A page for each feature means guests can find exactly what they want, while you can earn search engine ranking by targeting these terms!

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Be Thorough with Your Property Details

We’ve all purchased a product online that, when it arrived, completely failed to meet our expectations. Whether it was a complete lack of details, purposely misleading information, or simply outdated or inaccurate descriptions, the feeling of disappointment probably left you scrambling for a refund and never wanting to deal with that vendor again. When it comes to property pages on your site, you’ll want to be highly descriptive but accurate, ensuring that when guests arrive, what they get is exactly as advertised!

Each property page should include—in addition to professional photos—a lengthy description that highlights all the property’s features. Include details such as: the number of bedrooms and bathrooms; the types of beds available in each bedroom; whether bathrooms are en-suite or shared; the availability of kitchen appliances and dishware; living room décor; extra amenities such as fireplaces, complementary Wi-Fi, or smart TVs; parking details; and the property’s proximity to local hot spots and attractions. Don’t oversell the property, but make sure guests understand all its many charms! Most important of all, you want to ensure that the content is unique. Even when you host multiple properties in the same condo community, copying descriptions of amenities is a big no-no and can wreck your SEO efforts—be creative!

Show Guests How to Have Fun

Many guests already have a reason for visiting your area, but that doesn’t mean they know everything they could possibly want to see and do. By creating content pages detailing local activities, attractions, and even shops and restaurants, you can showcase a variety of exciting options that potential guests may have overlooked—possibly getting them to stay with you longer or to return in the future! These types of pages serve as a great permanent resource for you to direct inquisitive guests, but they also can help draw in additional bookings from those searching for activities; after all, if your site is where they found good information on hiking, the perfect rental from which to access the trails is right there as well! It’s important to keep in mind that while a guest is staying with you, they aren’t there for your property, but the experience it provides them in your area. Treat these informative pages as part of the complete vacation experience you have to offer, and you will find success.

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Reach Out to Your Audience

While the previous content articles about attractions and activities in the area are meant to serve as a permanent, unchanging source of information, creating a blog on your website will enable you to reach out to your audience with time-sensitive offers, seasonal information, and other spur-of-the-moment content intended to entice guests to your area. A blog is a great way to drive engagement both on your site and through social media, as you can share these articles among your followers to generate buzz and additional views. Additionally, search platforms such as Google prefer to see websites that have continuous updates, and a blog is a great way to keep content flowing in without growing stale.

The only restraint to what you can write about in a blog article is your own imagination, but some ideas include highlighting upcoming local events, discussing your favorite restaurants (and petitioning your audience to share their own!), describing the perfect summer getaway to your area, or even showcasing beautiful properties in your portfolio. The sky is the limit—perhaps a hot air balloon tour is on your list of things to write about—and you’ll find your search engine ranking soaring with your blog view count.

Keep Your Tone Friendly & Helpful

Throughout your writing, you’ll want to maintain the proper tone. Vacations are about as many things as the people taking them: escaping the norm, having adventures, injecting fun and excitement, or even finally—FINALLY—relaxing after a long, difficult stretch of everyday hardships. Your job is to show that you can provide guests with what they need, and to do that, you’ll want to keep a light, playful tone while delivering accurate information. Immerse your potential guests in what your area has to offer through vivid detail but keep it relatable and fun. After all, if they can see through your eyes, they’ll be clamoring to book a stay and experience it for themselves!

Hopefully these tips can help you begin the process to creating your own website content. While it’s far from the only way to make your business stand out, great content provides the steppingstones from which effective vacation rental SEO can emerge, not to mention the lasting impression that it can create with guests. If you need assistance creating quality content to market your rental properties, Bizcor is always here to help—reach out today!

Property managers looking to grow their business know that the acquisition of new homeowners is vital. The age-old strategies of networking with local real estate agents, sending generic snail mailers, or relying on simple word of mouth might produce some results but they fail to leverage the untapped power of the Information Age. Much in the same way that potential renters now primarily search for vacation homes via the Internet, you can connect with exponentially more homeowners through concentrated digital marketing services. Here are the four essential components of a well-rounded homeowner acquisition strategy that takes advantage of all of the tools at your disposal.

Your Website: The Foundation for Conversion

Your website is the first priority when building a successful brand. Think of it like a business card. It’s the first way potential clients will interact with your company, the way they will form their initial impression. A sleek, professional site—armed with an informative property management page—is the foundation from which you will convert potential homeowners into happy clients. The perfect landing page to court potential homeowners should feature a prominent banner with a call-to-action form that offers value. Try messaging such as, “Fill out the form for a free property performance analysis.” The form will generate leads for you to follow up on, but this isn’t all you need to finalize your sales strategy!

A section detailing your revenue generation strategy can show potential owners how you will earn them money. Highlight key points such as your distribution strategy, revenue management, digital marketing for their property, and residual guest strategy. This is also where you can detail your property care and show owners that you will care for their property just as much as they do. Outline your steps for responsible guest vetting (clear rental agreements, age appropriate renters, party monitoring), home maintenance and housekeeping services, and how you maintain homeowner transparency (through detailed homeowner statements, a homeowner app, etc.).

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Finally, leverage your current successes! Provide a sample revenue generation report or case study showcasing how your methods created an improved return on investment. Ask your current homeowners for a testimonial about their experience working with your company. These first-hand experiences are a powerful indicator of what you can accomplish and will help convert new homeowners to sign up for your services.

All throughout your property management page, make sure your company values shine through. Homeowners will value your professionalism, but don’t want to feel like a simple cog in the machine. Show how you care about the relationship between yourself and your clients, and new homeowners will feel more like a part of your brand.

SEO: Drive Homeowners to Your Site

Once you have a strong property management page to which you can direct homeowners, you’ll need a way to get them there. Search engine optimization helps you boost your rankings on Google and Bing, in turn exposing your brand to more potential clients. A complete SEO strategy involves multiple avenues of approach, each designed to build your site’s authority.

You can boost your search engine presence via content development geared toward homeowner emotions, concerns, and your company mission. Create informative blogs focusing on your distribution and pricing strategies, as well as your processes for onboarding a new homeowner. Boost your OTA conversions through optimized property descriptions with highly searched keywords, professional photos, and positive reviews. Guest satisfaction and strong company standards will set the stage for perpetual revenue in the future.

Further optimizations to your own site will improve visibility. Optimized meta titles and descriptions, H-tags, keyword bolding, and internal linking on your site’s pages will help Google direct the appropriate traffic to your site, while authoritative backlinks to your site from reputable sources such as local business chambers, directories, and sponsorship opportunities will add further improve your site’s credibility on search engines. You can further augment this through Google My Business, obtaining positive reviews via an automated approach curated by PMS software trigger emails and incentivizing reservationists to solicit reviews from happy guests.

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Paid Search: Instant Traffic for Instant Payoff

Want an immediate boost to your brand exposure? Paid search can provide instant traffic to your landing page by targeting phrases that potential customers are searching. These targeted ads work on a pay-per-click system; Google puts your ad in front of relevant traffic, and you pay a small amount per clickthrough on that ad. This is a fast and effective way to get views to your site, limited only by the persuasiveness of your ad and your budget. You can also leverage segmented remarketing delivered to those who have visited your property management page, to help catch those who may have slipped through your fingers on their first visit. Entice them with targeted messaging such as, “We drive more revenue.”

Offline Marketing: Cover All Your Bases

Combine digital marketing with traditional offline marketing methods for a well-rounded marketing strategy. A professional PDF brochure is a quick and effective tool that you can easily attach to a follow up email or print out and distribute. This brochure is your opportunity to brag about your company, present your best features, and really sell homeowners on why you are the best company for them to work with. Physical brochures are also a handy way for local realtors to spread information about your company to their clients looking to invest.

Think snail mail is dead? Think again! If you have access to county tax records or nightly rental licenses and are not taking advantage of them, you are missing a huge opportunity. While this method is a tried and true way of building relationships, you can take it a step further by including a call-to-action with the URL of your website’s property management landing page—your digital business card.

One final way to entice potential homeowners is through a Property Proforma—or Property Analysis Guide. Develop a template for analyzing revenue generation for a prospective homeowner; you can use this to show homeowners just how much they can benefit from your services. By including additional ideas such as home staging options, bedding configurations, and additional upgrades that would help the homeowner boost their return on investment, you can capture the owner’s interest with a barrage of valuable information, customized to their home.

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You’ve got enough on your plate right now and implementing a robust digital strategy like this might seem like an overwhelming thought. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be! The team at Bizcor has this process down to a science and with our help you’ll be able to sit back and relax and watch the new leads pour in. Contact our sales team today to get started with our digital marketing services!

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