Email marketing is engaging with your current and potential clients through email. Here are 13 facts about how Email Marketing is so effective, it is freighting:

The ROI Is So Huge It’s Scary

The return on your investment will be faster than expected!

Acquisition Costs Go Down

Email marketing makes the amount of money you pay for a client acquisition shrinks in size!

Enhanced Attention

Your Guests eyes will be constantly glued to their inbox because of the emails you send!

Trick AND Treat

People will take advantage of your special promotions!

Potential Business

Email marketing allows potential guests to see your properties!

Best Location

Viewers will know about your great location!

Standing Out

Others will learn about your high level of service!

Impressing the Rest

Additional services and amenities you offer will be discovered.

Increased Engagement

Your guests will stay loyal to you rather than visiting your competitors!

Ultimate Trust

By engaging with your clients every month your relationship with your guests will be at its best!

Email Lists Produce Results

Email lists that you’ve been building will be productive when resent for another list of viewers or potential clients!

Hot Leads

Inquires from potential guests could flood your inbox resulting in increased reservations!

Throughout all ways Email Marketing is effective and productive, after studying and understanding these 13 freighting facts, you will see your guests come back year after year!

Get in the Ring and Generate Immediate ROI

Defeat the Competition

Get your website to the top of the search results for all relevant Google searches, making you stand out compared to other sites.

More Spectators in Your Corner

Bid higher for your biggest fans! If a return user visits your site, make sure your ad is front and center. These users are most likely to book and be at your next fight!

Live Audience

Real-time stats coming in LIVE via Google Analytics. This tells you the amount of revenue your ad spend is generating, giving you day to day updates on your progress and growth!

Know Your Opponent

With correct tracking in place, you can know exactly how much you are spending, and exactly what you are generating in terms of leads, revenue, and ROI.

Hire the Right Trainer

Having the right data and expert in your corner, PPC will be one of your most predictable marketing channels. This will be your best path to a championship!


Keep It brief and effective
Don’t make your users work harder than they need to. Combine similar questions.

Use Visual Aids
Add icons to direct attention and assist in avoiding confusion.

Offer Assistance
Color coordination and hidden info boxes can assist the efficiency of the form.

Focus on your Goal
Like fitness, everyone has goals. Check to see if your forms are converting.

Give Affirmation
Include a confirmation message so the user knows their work is complete.


Make it Difficult
Users will not be satisfied if the form is not easy to fill out.

Be Lacking in Direction
Giving people too open of a forum can lead to misunderstanding the questions being asked.

Ask Unnecessary Questions
Avoid extra information that doesn’t seem pertinent to the desired outcome.

Use Incorrect Formatting
Having a reset button too close to the submit button can annoy and discourage users.

Have No Purpose
Users won’t fill out the form if they don’tknow what they will get out of it.

Our CEO Josh Guerra joined the Streamline Third Party Webinar. Josh goes into detail about the process and importance of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). One of the heaviest talking points Josh touched on is how adding property owners to your inventory will be one of the direct steps towards success. Watch the video here:

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, there are many steps involved. Think of it as making a sandwich: Each ingredient plays an important role in the process and adds more flavor, just like how the steps of SEO enhance the overall functionality and performance of your website. So, what’s the recipe for success? It’s a combination of the following tools, each executed to perfection.

Fresh- Baked Responsive Web Development

When it comes to building a website, you want it to be interactive, responsive, user-friendly, and attractive. Having a solid developed website as the base—or bread of the sandwich—is the start of solid SEO. Just like a sandwich, no one will eat it if it does not look good. Appearance is everything.

Kosher Pickled Inbound Links

Making your site well-known and popular across the internet is a must. Reaching out to familiar or local businesses in your area is the process of external linking. You want your site to be located on already established websites. This extends your reach to a larger audience, and your digital visibility will get stronger, too. Ultimately, you want your site seen often and by a like-minded audience.

Crisp Hand-Picked Key Words

Just like the pickles on a sandwich, properly researched keywords add that extra bite to your site! The key is to use words that are popular, but also relevant to the topic at hand.

Perfectly Crafted Aged Sharp Meta Data

Giving an overall description of each page is a strong way to be placed higher on search engines. Including keywords and tags that are popular also gives a good push to the page’s visibility. Metadata is the unique flavor and all-around description of your content.

Locally Sourced-Sweet Internal Linking

Once you have viewers on your site, you want them to stay there. Adding links to other pages of your site is a strong and effective way to assist users in navigating to the rest of your site. Make sure the links are relative. For example, if they are reading about a property that is currently listed, link your viewers to a page of reviews left by previous guests. Get people to your site and keep them there!

100% Organic Traffic Attracting Content

At the end of the day, what really makes a sandwich taste great is the meat. Think of the content of your site as the meat of your sandwich: If its low quality, your site will be, too. Our writers produce content that is engaging and includes the most accurate verbiage for the best user experience. People love to learn and be entertained. Find a balance between fun and quality content and you are set.

BIZCOR Special Sauce

Every sandwich has its own style, flavor, and overall concept. This is very relatable when it comes to SEO. When thinking about using the ingredients of the SEO Sandwich, make sure to apply your team and company’s overall personality. That is the secret in the sauce!
The BIZCOR SEO Sandwich is always made fresh and ready to order.


BIZCOR presented in the 2017 Streamline Summit. The team explained how we acquire leverage for homeowners throughout the use of online marketing.

Landing Page

The foundation of your conversion elements is going to start with your landing page, also known as the home page. Some of the questions that are often asked when trying to optimize your page are: Is your content too heavy? Is your content easily broken down to relate to your audience? Is it visually appealing? Most importantly, does it contain trust factors? An example of a poor landing page would be one with just a basic block or wall of content—no appealing images or any attraction to catch the readers eye. It is important to not only have audience land on your page, but stay there as well.

A strong landing page has key components that enhance the look of your site as well as the consumer or audience experience. An introduction banner gains the audience’s attention and explains the concept of the page. A call to action form is something on the site that creates an opportunity for the clients or audience to interact with the site; an example of that would be a live chat function. Trust logos are ways to show your credentials and qualifications, such as achievements or well-known affiliates that support your business or product. A breakdown of the value points is a really good way to explain the homeowner transparency. Real revenue is a strong way to present the actual numbers and return on investment.

Make sure your page is filled with great, readable, engaging content; you want the audience to come to your page, but like previously mentioned, give them good reasons to stay on the page often and frequently. Finally, it is crucial to have pictures of your team on your page to give that real-life interaction feel to whoever is searching your site.

When it comes to the content to focus on the most, here is the order:
1. Lead Generation
2. Home Care
3. Owner Transparency/Reporting

For more examples, please visit: Bizcor.com/manager

Search Engine Optimization- Drive Traffic

1. Local SEO – Start with the basics: The Google My Business Page

• Set up visiting https://www.google.com/business/
• Configure it 100%
• Congruent with your business info on your website
• Correct categories – Vacation Home Rental Agency, Condo Rental Agency, Property Management Company

2. Local Schema Code Markup

• Setup by visiting http://microdatagenerator.org/
• Configure it 100%
• Copy/paste this code into your website

3. Citation Data Directories

• What is a citation?
• Easy configuration Yext.com ($500-$1,000 annually)
• Manually verify directories
• Local citation (BBB/Chamber of Commerce)
• Brand mentions or backlinks

Organic SEO

• Install SEO Plugin like Yoast
• Menu structure
• Title tags/meta description
• Compelling content with keywords
• H-Tags
• Image Optimizations

Paid Search ( PPC/Adwords)- Driving Traffic

1. Paid Search – Starting with the Basics: Visit Google Adwords

• Setup by visiting https://adwords.google.com/home/
• Enter CC Data
• Walk through your campaign
• New users should use Adwords Express or target exact phrases
• A professional is highly recommended
• Types of keywords to target- (Destination) Property Management, Vacation Rental Management


The cycle of a website visitor is usually in a similar cycle, as in they visit your website, then they leave the website. However, the ads of your site on other websites brings returning viewers or new viewers back to your site.


When it comes to tracking your goals and managing your leads, there are plenty of tools and tricks in order to achieve that. Some of the suggestions we support are:

• Goal Tracking in analytics
• CRM – Customer Relationship Management
• Recommended tools – Salesforce and Infusionsoft

For more information on the 2017 summit or any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our site. Let’s chat!

Thinking about going on a new vacation, but you can’t decide between a hotel and a vacation rental? Well, there is a huge change that is going to make a significant impact on the vacation rental market as well as the way you choose where to stay and for how long. Travelers often weigh the options between staying in a hotel or renting someone’s home for the time they are in the area. Both have pros and cons, based on the person traveling and spending the money for the play to stay.

However, Google has now made the decision making even easier by adding vacation rentals to the hotel search function.

Previously when you searched “hotels” on Google, it would bring up choices of the names of hotels and only really give the customer the option to choose from a corporate hotel listing. Now, things are looking up for the people that rather choose vacation rentals for their resting spot. Traditionally, in order to view vacation rentals, one would have to look at third party spots—especially if they were looking for a wider variety of selection. Now Google has made it as easy as clicking the “vacation rentals” link. When clicking that link, the search changes from hotels to listing vacation rentals instead.

This will enhance the vacation rental experience from both ends. People looking for a spot to stay now have an easier route by simply checking Google, which is the tool they most likely were using for hotel searches previously. As for people looking to rent their homes, they now have an easier way to find potential prospects, as Google is picking up interested customers for them. The page even gives you details such as rates and “Accommodation Type,” which allows you to browse vacation rentals of all types.

This new push seems to be available to everyone; however, it is still limited to some destinations. Google could be testing the waters with this or simply rolling it out to a new specific area as time goes on. From now on, the vacation industry will be shaken up, as potential travelers now have more information to use when considering their next place to call “home” for the length of their trip.

Email marketing is an effective way to generate business for your company. Email allows you to reach a large number of potential customers at once, including both new and old customers alike. Generating a large mailing list is important for the continued success of your business, but once you have a customer list, how do you improve the effectiveness of your email marketing?

AB testing is one way to improve the click-through rate of your marketing emails and generate more positive responses. Through AB testing, you can refine your email design based on statistical analysis. At BIZCOR, we have used AB testing to single out more effective email designs and boost click-through rates for our clients.

How AB Testing Works

AB testing works by making a small change to a single variable—in this case a design choice in one of our marketing emails—and then observing the results across a large sample size. For example, we can send out an email with differences in the subject line, but no changes to the content. Some recipients will see a long subject line, some see a short subject line, and some see a long subject line that includes an emoji. Based on the total percentage of recipients who open and click-through the email to reach the client’s website for each style of subject line, we can determine which method is the most effective.

Recent Results of AB Testing

In the subject line length AB test discussed above, we found that although slightly less emails with a long subject line containing an emoji were opened, with 1.2% more opened with just a long subject, and 3% more with a short subject, interestingly, .3% more emails with a long subject line and emoji received click-throughs over short subject emails. Some of our other AB test results can be seen below:





Email Marketing with BIZCOR

If you have any questions regarding AB testing, our findings, or email marketing in general, or if you have any ideas for future AB testing models, feel free to contact us at BIZCOR. AB testing is just one method we use to help our clients improve their marketing strategies. We are proud to deliver creative marketing solutions to many clients around the country.

Using Email Marketing To Increase Bookings 

In the digital age, email has fast become one of the most important forms of communication. Used for everything from quick chats between friends and family to professional business interactions, email helps keep individuals across the globe connected. Email also helps businesses reach potential customers; in fact, email marketing is one of the best ways for vacation rental companies to drive up their booking rates—by convincing guests on the fence to vacation in your properties! How, then, do we properly utilize email marketing?

Offering Specials

Emailing specials to potential guests is a great way to convince them to book a stay in one of your properties. A great deal often gives someone the final motivation they need to commit to a purchase; after all, if they don’t act now, the price will be higher if they decide to book at a later date.

Highlight Units

Another great use of email marketing is to highlight specific properties in your portfolio—whether they are new additions, past guests’ favorites, or great homes that just deserve to be in the spotlight. Email marketing provides a convenient way to show guests the luxurious type of property they can enjoy if they book a stay with your company. Many people will be reassured by seeing a property before their stay, so make sure to include as many details and pictures as possible!

Remind Guests Why Vacations Are Fun in the First Place

Vacation properties are only possible because the activities and attractions in the surrounding area draw visitors. Remind guests why your area is a prime vacation destination! Hiking, biking, beach fun, skiing—whatever your location has to offer, show guests that your homes are close to the action.

Email marketing can do all of these things and more! Making use of email to reach out to old guests is one of the easiest ways of gaining a repeat customer, and acquiring new potential business is as easy as someone entering their email address. Start building your guest email list today!

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